See Mitchell at the following festivals in 2013...

* 24th January Tamworth Country Music Festival @ Services Club. 9am

* 30th-31st March - Nambucca Heads Country Music Festival

* 27th Sep - 6th Oct - Mildura Country Music Festival



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Down Time

Heading up to Forster this weekend to get away and chill. Maybe do some fishing with the old man. When I got back from Ireland I high tailed it strait up to Forster as Mum and Dad had a caravan at the time. They have since relocated there but the caravan was great. Lots of fishing and watching cricket. I managed to do a lot of writing and got a couple of new songs for my new project scheduled for next year. Any way, looking forward to this weekend and all the perks that go with coastal living at its best on the north coast. 

This will be the last time I get away for a while. From about mid August till the end of the year ill be busy busy. North Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western NSW, all over the place. No doubt at christmas when I do get some rest ill be strait back up to Forster. Oh no I wont, have tickets to the Ashes in Melbourne. Wow thats gonna be a great Christmas. MCG, beer, sun, thats an Aussie Christmas if ever I imagined one all those years in the rain in Ireland. Bring on the summer. Summer always makes me write. until it gets ridiculously hot that is. May have a song all about cricket next album.

Any ways, enough random thoughts. Must do some work as I am away from tomorrow. May have some pictures of some big catches for ya all next week. We'll see how we go with the weather. May just catch a cold.


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